4 Reasons To Have Window Films Installed On Your Store Windows

9 April 2018
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If you have big, open windows on the front of your store, there is one upgrade you need to make: adding window films. These are large sheets of sticky, plastic material that a professional can come apply to your windows. There are several different varieties of window films, but any variety made specifically for retail stores is bound to be a decent choice. Here are four reasons to have such a film installed on your windows. Read More 

3 Important Tips When Selecting Plantation Shutters

22 March 2018
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Plantation shutters play an important role for your windows, as they make them more energy-efficient and drastically improve their aesthetics. If you're in the market for new plantation shutters, consider these tips to make the selection process much easier.  Gather the Right Measurements  No matter type type of plantation shutters you're considering, you must first think about what size you need. The only way to ensure a proper fit, the first time, is to take measurements of your current windows. Read More 

3 Options To Improve Energy Efficiency Of Windows On A Budget

6 March 2018
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Installing replacement windows is not right for every home and is often too expensive. If you have older windows but cannot afford to have them replaced, you want to find more affordable options. Window films, replacement glass, or treatments are great solutions. Here are some options that will give your home energy-efficient window improvements on a tight budget: 1. The Many Energy Benefits of Using Window Film on Older Glass Read More 

3 Ways To Use Vinyl Siding To Upgrade Garden Sheds

20 February 2018
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If you purchased a traditional garden shed, it is likely made of some form of wood. Over time you may want to upgrade the look of this traditional shed. This can be difficult to plan out and achieve, especially if the garden shed has smaller windows that have a different casing that the ones found on traditional homes. If this is the case, here are three ways that you can use vinyl siding to upgrade the look of the garden shed and add to your curb appeal. Read More 

Own A Cat? Great Ways To Keep It From Damaging Your Sliding Patio Doors

30 January 2018
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It can be exciting to get new patio doors that let in the light and make it easier to entertain in the backyard. However, if you own a cat, your lovely doors are at risk for smudges and scratches. Here are some tips to keep your doors looking brand new and your cat happy. Look for Easy Cleaning Solutions for the Glass Since sliding patio doors have large panes of glass, your cat will inevitably want to look outside. Read More