Fiber Cement Is A Great Siding Material

7 September 2017
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Installing exterior siding on top of existing sidewalls is a smart investment. It is a cheap way to add a new layer of protection to your home, preserving the integrity of your walls, increasing the efficiency of your home, and completely updating your style. Most people think of vinyl or wood when they consider exterior siding. But, this article will explain a few reasons why you should consider fiber cement siding. It is a relatively new siding material that is well-liked by homeowners and builders alike.

What is Fiber Cement?

You might be familiar with fiber cement because it is used in many other types of construction. Most commonly, fiber cement boards are used for backing on tile walls and surfaces. It is used because it is lightweight and strong. However, it is often covered because it is not a finish product. Fiber cement siding is made with all the great construction qualities but it is also stylish.

Fiber cement siding is basically made out of a mixture of ground up cement and waterproof epoxies. This means it looks like real concrete, but it is much lighter and waterproof. The siding pieces are shaped using molds that also give them a unique texture. The most popular textures are fake wood and brick. These give the siding pieces are richer, more authentic look and feel. The texture also makes the siding easier to keep clean.

One important characteristic of fiber cement siding is that it is dyed, not painted. This has major implications when it comes to maintenance. First of all, it doesn't need to be painted (ever!). The surface is more fade resistant because the entire piece of the same color.

Why Choose Fiber Cement

Most people choose fiber cement over vinyl because they like the look. Fiber cement offers a more modern and classy look. Since it looks like real concrete and can be dyed any color, there are no limitations with fiber cement. It looks more subtle, yet sturdier than vinyl siding.

Fiber cement is also loved because it is very easy to keep up. Remember that it is waterproof, so there is very little maintenance. The surface is more porous than vinyl, so it might need to be cleaned more frequently. But this can usually be done easily with a hose or sponges.

Fiber cement is cheap, durable, and stylish. No wonder it becoming such a popular siding installation option.