Things To Consider When It Comes To Old Windows

3 October 2017
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There are plenty of benefits to owning an old or historic home. These homes offer up a lot of charm and history. They also typically have a lot of architectural charm that can be impossible to duplicate in a new home. Older homes also have a few downsides. They tend to require restoration after a certain amount of time and can be less energy efficient than new homes. The windows on old homes often require some work. Here are three things to consider when it comes to the windows in an old home:

Is Restoration Worth It?

For homeowners who want to preserve a home's windows, determining whether or not restoration is worth it can be tricky. If the windows are beautiful and impossible to replicate, the answer is often yes. If they are not a particularly important feature of the home, then replacement may be the better option. Restoration is also often less expensive than what many homeowners expect. A window restoration typically costs between $100 and $350 per window. A small price to pay if the windows play a large role in the appearance of the home.

Will Standard Replacement Windows Work?

Another thing to consider when it comes to an old home's windows is the frame size and whether or not the windows are even close to standard size. When a full replacement is under consideration, non-standard size windows can make the process difficult. A new window that fits into an existing frame will cost on average between $300 and $700. Window installation if the frame needs to be altered or replaced will be more expensive. Custom windows can add 50 percent or more to the total cost. Homeowners who want to replace their home's windows should keep whether or not the windows are a standard size in mind when looking at replacement windows. 

Looks Are Important

Another thing to consider when it comes to windows in an old home is the appearance of the home itself. If replacing the windows, finding new ones that fit with the home's style is essential. Window replacement has a 70 percent return on investment. Not only are new windows more energy efficient, they can also increase the curb appeal of the home and add value. When replacing the windows of an older home it's important to choose a style that matches the architecture of the home. 

Old windows can be tricky. Many homeowners have trouble deciding between repair and replacement. Restoration is a great choice for windows that are in fairly good shape and that play a big role in the home's appearance. Replacement windows are an option when the windows are beyond repair. However, it's important to see if the windows are a standard size before replacing them. Looks are also important when it comes to windows and old homes. Choosing replacement windows that match the style of the home is key.